Friday, January 25, 2008

Blueberries For Sal

Math: This looks like a great activity from Homeschool Share. Used a pail and real blueberries to look at pre-adding/subtracting. Putting 5 in and taking 2 out, how many left...etc. I even tried having five in and taking two out and having him telling me how many are left in the pail without being able to peek. He actually got it right a couple times. I'm impressed, I wasn't sure he'd be able to. Also drop blueberries into bucket and have him count how many "kuplinks" he heard (one-to-one correspondence).
Letter Discovery: Another from Homeschool Share. I'm going to group the letters so he's only matching a few at once and see how many he knows. Than I think we'll make a chart/poster for him to look at of all the pairs for future reference. I would also make sense to focus on the letter B this week, but I haven't quite thought through how I want to put focus on this.
Skills:We'll bake some muffins with our blueberries and share with daddy the sweetness of homeschooling.
Art: I found a cute project on another blog, here's the link, where you draw blueberry bushes and have your child use their finger and blue paint to put on the blueberries. Thanks to all bloggers like this one who give me such inspiration. I hope I can return the favor.
Science: Begin Animal Classification once again with the help of Homeschool Share.
Bible: "I am with you always" Matt. 28:20. Discuss God's protection and safety issues such as Stranger Danger, not wandering off...

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