Friday, January 25, 2008

The Snowy Day

Our first "row" was The Snowy Day. I had a plan for the week and we didn't accomplish as much as I hoped. However, I still felt like we had a successful week. Since this story focuses on a winter day and since my son is really into discussing seasons lately, we spent a good part of our week learning about the four seasons.
As I progress (as this is definately a learning experience for me too) I would like to add not only the BFIAR aspect to our week but also pre-math skills, letter discovery, Bible and other skills. My goal is give my son experience in each of these areas. Education at this stage in life, I believe, is through experience.

BFIAR: We read through the book several times during the week. The first time through trying to predict what would happen. I was suprised that he knew right away what happened to the snowball in the boy's pocket and that there was a wet spot from the melted snow. During the other reads I stopped to ask him what was happening or what would happen next.

We also put ice cubes in the freezer, fridge, table and coat pocket and predicted which would melt first and than checked back every few minutes to see how it's going.

The book show the boy making tracks in the snow. Thankfully it snowed this week so he could make his own tracks. We also found books about animal tracks. The best one was Whose Footprints? by Yabuuhci.

Bible: Eccesiastes 3:11 "He...made everything...beautiful..."(taken from his cubbies book for AWANA) We focused on the beauty of the seasons. We divided a paper into four sections and drew a leafless tree in each section and labeled each with a season. Each day we discussed the season and added appropriate leaves to the trees. Winter, potato flakes for snow. Spring, pink and green tissue paper using a pencil tip for 3-D. Summer, torn green tissue paper. Fall, red, yellow, orange tissue paper punched with a hole punch and sprinkled on.

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